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Welcome to NCARP, Pakhribas, Dhankuta

National Commercial Agriculture Research Program (NCARP), Pakhribas, Dhankuta is one of the 17 commodities research programs under Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC). The NARC created NCARP in 2008. It became operational and functional station since 2010/11 after NARC allocated separate budget for it. The station is located in Dhankuta district, Pakhribas Municipality, ward number 3.The NCARP lies in Koshi Zone of eastern development region of Nepal. The research commodities of NCARP are tea, large cardamom, off season vegetables, vegetables and fruits seeds, sapling production, meat and milk products and non-timber forest products. Currently the NCARP seeks to generate high yielding tea and large cardamom based production technological packages that contribute to the food and nutritional security, employment generation and livelihood improvement of the Nepalese people.
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