Research Projects

Research Projects-2074/75

Tea technology development and dissemination in Nepal (738)

  1. Collection, maintenance and evaluation of tea clones
  2. Management of insects and diseases on tea
  3. Improvement of drying technology of handmade orthodox tea
  4. Establishment of field gene bank on tea

Improvement and dissemination of large cardamom production technology (739)

  1. Collection and characterization of local land races of large cardamom
  2. Development of water management technology on large cardamom
  3. Evaluation of different drying technologies on large cardamom
  4. Dissemination on Chirke and Phurke diseases management technology
  5. Establishment of field gene bank on large cardamom

Integrated management of white grubs in eastern hills of Nepal (151)

  1. Preservation of collected metarhizium fungus
  2. Field evaluation of commercially available metarhizium strains and locally collected fungal strains cauliflower.

Farm Management Project (1)

  1. Farm security and garden maintenance
  2. Maintenance of tea and cardamom germplasm
  3. Research supportive administrative works